Linksys extenders are well known among networking community for their high-end performance. They have lots of attractive features, among which the easiest setup process in one.

Linksys provides its users with high-end networking devices that are optimized to produce highly efficient results.

We can conclude many characteristics that differentiate these high-end Wi-Fi range extenders from others. But as the question pertains, we will limit our discussion with Linksys’s Wi-Fi range extenders setup process. That means, our prime topic of discussion will be that how does Linksys extender setup work and how it is easier than other range extenders.

So let’s get started with our discussion.

We usually use an installation CD to install a new Wi-Fi range extender in our network.

But what if your Linksys range extender setup CD has been lost? What will you do in such a scenario???

Linksys has the answer for you, and that is set up Linksys range extender using a web-based utility or through the WPS button.

Now you may wonder that what this web-based utility is?????

Linksys tries to cater to all types of needs of its users with respect to Linksys Wi-Fi range extender.

Thus to make the interaction of the user with the Wi-Fi extender easier, Linksys has provided with a web-based utility. You can access the same by writing in the address bar of your computer, which is having a connection with your Linksys range extender.

It is a highly user-friendly interface, using which you can make any alteration in the configuration of your Wi-Fi extender.

This very interface can also be used for setting up Linksys range extender. The whole process involved in the same will be discussed in the subsequent section. But for the time being, we can easily conclude that this web-based utility can be used to install a new Linksys range extender, especially in the case if you do not have an installation CD along with you.

There is also one another way forward in a scenario where you do not have an installation CD, and that is the WPS button.

This button comes typically with almost all new networking devices. This button enables the device to establish a connection with another device which is also WPS enabled. This connection is established through Wi-Fi signals that is why it is known as Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS).

This method can also be used to install a new Linksys Wi-Fi range extender in our network. But there is one condition that should have to fulfill before going for this WPS method. This condition is that your home router, whose network you want to extend using this Wi-Fi extender, should have to be WPS enabled.

If your home router does not have a WPS button, then you cannot follow the WPS method of Linksys extender setup but will be required to follow either web-based utility method or installation CD, to set up an extender in your network.

By all this, we can easily conclude that Linksys has taken adequate care of the fact that the user does not get stuck concerning his Linksys WIFI range extender in any circumstances. That is the reason Linksys has provided three methods of setup.

Now comes the question of whether these installation steps are easy or not????

Answer to this lies in checking out the steps involved in each of this method. So let’s have a look at the steps involved in Linksys Wi-Fi range extender setup.

  • Linksys extender setup using installation CD:- In this method, but the installation CD in the CD-ROM of your computer. Once the CD is detected, you will be required to run the setup process. Then follow on-screen instructions and setup process will be completed.
  • Using web-based utility:- In this method, firstly install a connection between your computer and Wi-Fi extender. This connection can be established through an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi signal. Then open up a web browser and here enter in the address bar. Then enter the default credentials, i.e.

Username:- should have to be left blank
Password:- admin
By this, you will be logged into the setup process. Now follow the instructions to make desired changes and your extender will be set up successfully.

  • WPS method:- This is the easiest method to be followed to setup Linksys extender. In this, all you are required to do is press the WPS button firstly of extender and then on the home router.

By this WPS connection between your home router and Linksys extender will be established and be ready to be used.

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