Linksys RE1000 WiFi range extender can also be setup without using installation CD.
So you need not worry if you had lost installation CD for RE1000 range extender. So you need not worry if you had lost installation CD for RE1000 range extender.

Linksys has provided its user with an alternative to this installation CD i.e.

Using this web interface you can install Linksys range extender manually.

We had elaborately discussed steps involved in setting up Linksys RE1000 WiFi range extender using installation CD. You can follow this article if you want to have insight on the same.

But in this very article, our discussion will remain centric to the manual method, using which you can install your Linksys range extender without using installation CD.
But before that, there are some pre-requisites that should have to be taken care of while going for setting up Linksys range extender. These pre-requisites remain the same for all range extender.

SO let’s have look at these pre-requisites that you have to keep handy before initiating Linksys range extender setup.

  1. Make your network router’s wireless settings handy. Because during the installation process you will require the same.
  2. If your extender is new then it’s ok but if you are trying to re-configure your Linksys range extender then it is must that you reset your extender first and then goes for configuring it. To reset you are required to hold reset button present on your Linksys extender for 5 seconds.
  3. Ensure internet is working. If there exists some issue then contact your Internet Service Provider(ISP).
    After making note of above points you can proceed for setting up your Linksys RE1000 WiFi range extender. Steps involved in the same are, as discussed below:

Step 1:
In the first step, you are required to establish a wired connection between Linksys range extender and a device, which you will use to launch this browser-based utility. Because as already stated, in this method you will be required to use Thus you will require a device through which this browser-based utility can be launched.
In our case, we are taking this device to be a computer.

How to setup Linksys RE1000 WiFi range extender without installation CD

Step 2:
Then power on your Linksys range extender. Once you power on the device, you have to wait until LED lights become stable. Once they become so, you can proceed further.

Step 3:
Now comes the main task i.e. launching a web browser. Once the browser gets opened up then enter or in the address bar of the browser.

Step 4:
This will prompt you to a screen where you will be asked to enter credentials to launch this web interface.
By default, you have to leave Username as blank and enter admin in password column. Then click on Log in.

Step 5:
Once you get logged in to then firstly click on Wireless and then under it click on Basic Wireless Settings.

Step 6:
Then click on the Manual button.

Step 7:
Then click on the Wireless Security tab. Under it, you are required to set security settings which are compatible with your home router.
Here you will also be asked to enter Passphrase or WEP Key. Once you are done with them click on Save Settings.

WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode

WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal


Then enter the wireless network password of your home router.

But to have the optimal performance it is always recommended to have WPA/WPA2 wireless security on router and range extender.

Step 8:
Now your Linksys RE1000 WiFi range extender setup gets completed. Now you can place your range extender wherever you want and enjoy seamless connectivity throughout your home.

By this, we sum up our discussion. We hope all points mentioned above will be clear to users and they will easily setup their Linksys RE1000 WiFi range extender even without using installation CD.
But if in case you face any issue during setup process then you are recommended to follow troubleshooting steps.
But if even after that your issue does not get resolved then do contact on Linksys’s official website to have technical assistance.

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