How to reset Linksys router 

If you want to know how to reset the Linksys router, then you had landed on the right page.

In this article, our focus of discussion will be on steps involved in resetting Linksys router.

Firstly you should have to be aware of the fact that resetting router will bring its settings to factory default. That means all the configurations that you had made with the router will be deleted immediately whenever your router will get resetted.

So be cautious while resetting our device.

Now comes question that what are the steps involved in resetting the Linksys router?????

The answer to this question is as given in the form of the following steps. The user needs to follow these steps to reset his/her router.

Step 1: Locate the reset button on the Linksys router.

Before initiating the reset process you will be required to know the position that where this reset button is present.

Normally, the reset button is present on a rear panel of the router.

But as we all know exceptions are always there, the same is with the case of Linksys router.

If we take the case of the WRT series then small red colored is present on the back panel of the device. Pressing which you can reset the router.

In the same way, E series Linksys routers E4200, E3200, E1200, E2500, E1550, E1500, the reset button is present at the bottom side.

Step 2: Press the reset button.

Next step is to press and hold the reset button for an approximately10 second. You can use any sharp edged thing to do so like a ballpoint pen.

You will notice that once you start pressing the reset button, power LED will start blinking.

Step 3: Now you are required to wait for 30 seconds.

Step4: Then remove the power cable.

After removing the power cable from the back side of the router, wait for approximately 20 seconds and then plug the power cable back into the router.

Step5: Then wait until the router gets boot up.

Within 1 minute all lights on the router will turn on and power light gets solid. This signifies that the router has come in the upstate.

Step 6: Your router has been set back to factory default settings.

By this, you will recognize that all configuration of your router has been deleted and it has been set to factory default settings. You will be required to reconfigure the router from scratch.

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