In this article we are going to discuss basics about Linksys Velop device and how to setup it in your network.

Thus this article will prove to be a one-stop point for all those having a query related to the above subjects.

By this let’s proceed for our discussion.

Linksys Velop Device

Before going forward to know steps involved in setting up Velop device in the network, one should have to be aware of the fact that what is Linksys Velop device.

Linksys Velop is a WiFi mesh system, having multiple nodes due to which it is capable of providing seamless WiFi connectivity throughout the network.

The best part with Velop is it’s the capability of getting installed within couples of minutes. This characteristic enhances the user’s experience with it.

Another important thing is the availability of Linksys Velop setup in a package of 1 node, 2 nodes, 3 nodes. You can choose among them as per your network requirement.

After knowing basics about Velop, now let’s discuss some aspects related to the physicality of the device.

Ports on Velop device

linksys velop setup

One major difference between Velop and other Linksys routers is the position of ports. On Velop device all the ports are available at the bottom of the device whereas in other Linksys routers. They are present on the rare side of the device.

This device comes along with two Ethernet ports. Using this you can make two wired connections with the device.

As clearly shown in the picture, it also has a reset button. This button is used to reset the device to factory default settings.

Another switch present on the device is the Power button. Using this user can switch on or off the device.

Lastly, there is a Power Port, using which the user can put the device on power.

Steps involved in Linksys Velop setup

Before initiating setup process you should have to ensure the connectivity of internet connection in your network.

You should have to connect Primary node with Modem or Modem/router available in your network, with the help of Ethernet cable.

Setup process of Linksys Velop device differs from other Linksys router in the way that you will not require a computer or laptop for the setup process in former.

All you need in case of Velop setup is an installed Linksys Velop App.

Let’s discuss this in deep.

Step 1: Firstly user will be required to download the Linksys Velop App from Play store.

linksys velop app form play store

Step 2: Then establish a connection between Velop and Internet modem.

To establish this connection between Velop and internet modem you can use an Ethernet cable. Once you connect internet modem with Velop Ethernet port, power on the device. You will notice a Blinking Blue light. When this blue light becomes solid, your node will be turned on and in working condition.

Step 3: These steps involve setting up the primary Node with the help of Linksys Velop App.

All the steps involved in this process are as listed below:

  1. Firstly download Linksys App from Google Play store.
  2. Once it gets downloaded, launch the application.
  3. You will notice Launch Setup Click on it.
  4. After reading terms and conditions, click on I agree.
  5. Linksys App will search for a primary node in a network and will connect to it automatically. Thus you are required to enable Bluetooth of the device which you want to be used as Primary node.
  6. Click on
  7. Now the program will search for internet connection and get connected automatically. But if in case you have PPPoE internet connection then you will be required to manually enter the settings. For this click on I want to enter my ISP settings manually. Enter the PPPoE Username and password.
  8. Now you will be asked to create Linksys Cloud account. If you already have an account then click on Log in.
  9. In this step, you will be provided with the option to change the network settings of the device. Do remember these settings for future use. Once done with this, click on
  10. Now you will be asked to connect your mobile devices to this WiFi network. Remember, while connecting you should close the Linksys app. Once the connection gets established, reopen the app to proceed for the setup process.
  11. The program will not configure Velop network. You will be required to select the location of the primary node so that other nodes can be identified. You can also name these nodes as per your wish, just by clicking on “Name it something else”.
  12. In the end, you will get a success message.

By this, you had successfully configured the primary node. Now you can proceed to install other nodes by clicking on “Add another node” or just end up here by clicking on “That’s it for now”.