how to setup linksys plek400 powerline wired network expansion kit
how to setup linksys plek400 powerline wired network expansion kit
What are features associated with PLEK400 Powerline network? How to setup PLEK400 Powerline through wired connection?

How to SETUP Linksys PLEK400 Powerline Wired Network Expansion Kit?


Talking about Powerline Expansion Kit (Wired network), these Linksys adapters provide the best networking devices for your home Network in providing a mesh-like network with no dead zones and buffering. Generally, the expansion kit comes in a pack of two adapters for Wired and Wireless Connection each.


Linksys PLEK400 Powerline setup


The Kit includes:

  • One PLE400 Powerline Single Port Adapter for Wired connection.
  • PLW400 Powerline Single Port Adapter for Wireless connection.


However, we will continue with just the wired connection consideration in the article.


Features of Linksys PLEK400 Powerline:


Linksys PLEK400/PLSK400 Powerline Network Adapter Feature


The presence of some distinctive features in the adapter makes it one of the best choice in the market of Networks. Let’s consider few of it in detail:

  • Powerline: The LED light blinks preferably to show the active state of the adapter. It turns on as soon as the adapter is connected to the power supply.
  • HomePlug Connect Button: This button allows for some advanced setting like setting up the guest password for a while in order to secure the Home Network.
  • Ethernet: The port provided for any one Wired Connection. Also while Setup Process this port will be used to connect to the Router using an Ethernet Cable.
  • Ethernet Led: This light\LED is turned on as soon as any wired connection is made with the adapter.
  • Power LED: This light\LED lets you know whether the adapter is turned on or not.


How does it work: WIRED CONNECTION?


For all the wired connection in your house, you need the Extension Adapter and connect it with the existing wired connection to enhance the coverage of the device. For example, if you have a router in your home network then, using an Ethernet cable, you can connect the router with the Adapter PLE400 and thus use this device to connect to the other device which requires the INTERNET ACCESS.


Linksys PLEK400 Powerline wired network setup


Linksys PLEK400 Powerline Setup Steps:

These adapters are easy to setup and install in your home wired network. The setup is done in two Phase

  • How to share the Internet?
  • How to connect your PLE400?

Let’s walkthrough the same process in easy explanations:

How to share the Internet?


  1. First to share the Internet Access among the Adapter PLE400 and the router, connect PLE400 to the POWER OUTLET in near periphery of the Router.
  2. The POWER LED of the Adapter PLE400 should turn on.
  3. Now connect the Adapter PLE400 to the Router using the ETHERNET CABLE through the ETHERNET PORT available on both the devices.
  4. The Adapter’s LED should turn ON. If yes, then you are all set to extend your network.

How to connect your PLE400?


  1. You can use the already installed adapter for the Internet connection but if you want to add one more adapter to the Network Line, then you can do that too.
  2. For adding a new PLE400 in the Network Line, connect the Adapter to the power Outlet near the Router.
  3. The Power LED on the Adapter PLE400 should turn on.
  4. The Power LED will continue flashing until it gets connected to the Network Powerline.
  5. Once the Lights on the adapter PLE400 becomes stable, you can now connect any other device using the WIRE CONNECTION.
  6. The LED on the Adapter PLE400 will stay solid as long as the connection is maintained.

Once you finish with the installation, your PLWK400 adapter is also installed. These adapters come in the pack of PLE400 and PLW400 and installing one will automatically install the other.

The Device PLE400 is in no question about the versatility it has in the Networking Market. It can extend the Network to the numerous number as you want and wish to connect. And even the size increase never leads to a Failed Connection.

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