linksys ea2750 n600 dual band wifi router setup
linksys ea2750 n600 dual band wifi router setup
How to install Linksys EA2750 N600 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router? What are various configuration steps involved in the same?

Linksys EA2750 N600 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router


Linksys EA2750 N600 Dual Band Router


How to install and configure Linksys EA2750 N600 Dual-band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router?

If you had bought new Linksys EA2750 N600 router then next possible task in front of you would be to install this router in your network.

It does not matter whether you are launching Linksys Router setup as the first router or is replacing the old router with this newer one.

Because the installation steps remain the same for both the cases.

These steps to install Linksys smart Wi-Fi wireless router are:

  • Put your router on the power source and wait until it gets powered on. You can know the same by monitoring the status of Power LED. Once it gets stabilized, then you can ensure that your Linksys N600 router has been powered on and you can proceed for further steps.
  • At the same time connect the Wi-Fi router with your modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • Once the wired connection between the Linksys router and modem gets established, then power on the modem.
  • Now, you will be required to take any device such as a computer or tablet. Using which you will install the Linksys EA2750 router.
  • Then search for available Wi-Fi network connections, on the device.
  • Here, you will get a network named same as mentioned in the Quickstart Guide that you get along with the N600 router. Connect with this network.
  • Make sure your internet connection is working at least while the Linksys router setup is going on. Otherwise, you will be unable to complete the setup process.
  • Once you successfully get connected with Linksys EA2750 router then open up a web browser which will launch Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Setup instructions. But if due to any reason you are not automatically prompted to the instructions then enter in the address bar.
  • Now follow on-screen instructions, and you will be able to install this new Linksys EA2750 router in your network.
  • But once the router gets installed then comes a critical task to make it fit for your network. That means configuring the router as per your network demands.

Now let’s proceed toward the second part of the question that includes how to configure Linksys EA2750 N600 Dual-band router.

Under this section, we will discuss the following aspects:

  • How to launch Linksys Smart Wi-Fi?
  • How to disable remote access to your router?
  • How to improve the speed of your wireless connection?
  • How to change the network name and password of the Linksys router?
  • How to change the time zone of the router?
  • How to check internet connection speed?

SO let’s get started…..

Configuring Linksys EA2750 N600 Router

Once you had installed the N600 router, then it is highly recommended to change the network setting of the router as early as possible to maintain the security of your network.

For this, you will require a Linksys smart Wi-Fi utility. To access it, you can download the same form your device’s app store.

Once you had downloaded the same, then comes the question of how to use this utility to configure your Linksys router.

For this let’s have a look at steps involved in the same.

Steps to connect to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi

Open up the browser on the device that is connected with Linksys N600 router’s network.

  • Then enter the address bar

    How to connect smart wifi


  • It will ask you to enter credentials to get logged in. Here enter the user name and password as mentioned in the user guide. But if you had changed the credentials earlier then enter the same here.
  • However, if you had forgotten the password, then you are always provided with the option of Forget password. Using this you can recover the password.
  • By the end, you will be successfully logged into Linksys Smart Wi-Fi.

Once you had logged into the utility then comes configuration part. It covers many aspects related to your router settings. Let’s have a look at these aspects as well as steps involved in configuring Linksys EA2750 router in your setup one by one.

Disabling Remote access to your Linksys router

If you want to restrict various devices to have remote access to your router, then you can do the same by using Linksys Smart WI-Fi. Steps include:

  • Logged into Linksys Smart Wi-Fi
  • Here click on Router settings. Under it click on Connectivity.
  • Here under Administration tab, you will find an option that says, “Allow Remote access to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi.” Uncheck it.

    How To Disable Remort Access To Linksys Smart Wifi


  • Then click on Apply
  • By this, you will notice that you had successfully disabled remote access to your EA2750 router.

How to improve the speed of your wireless connection

Placement of your router plays a significant role in increasing the speed of wireless connections.

So make sure that you place Linksys router near the center of your home.

Another essential aspect that should be kept in mind to enhance the speed includes

  • Ensure that no metallic substance should be placed near to your router.
  • Avoid placement of router ear to reflective elements or surfaces.
  • Try to reduce the number of obstacles that came in the way of the router’s Wi-Fi signal transmission. These obstacles cause a decrease in signal strength of the Wi-Fi signal due to penetration losses.
  • Try to place the EA2750 router away from electronic devices.
  • If it is feasible, then upgrade wireless network interfaces like network card in the computer.

By taking adequate care of the above-stated points, you can significantly improve the speed of your wireless connection.

How to change Linksys EA2750 N600 router’s network name and password?

It is always advised to change network name and password once you had installed Linksys router in your network. Not changing credentials make you vulnerable to security breaches.

Now comes steps involved in the same. They include:

  • Firstly log into Linksys Smart Wi-Fi
  • Here go to Wireless option mentioned under Router Settings.

    How To Change Network Name And Password


  • Enter the new network name that you want to assign to your Linksys router network.
  • Under Password box enter the password.
  • Then click on Apply.

By this, your Linksys N600 router’s network name and password stand to be changed.

How can a time zone be changed in case Linksys router?

Choosing the right time zone is very much required. Because otherwise, the router will display a time which will not match your local time.

Steps involved in the same are :

  • Logged into Linksys Smart Wi-Fi
  • Then go to Router Settings
  • Here under the Basic tab, click on time zone.
  • You will get a drop-down list. Among this list, choose your time zone.

    How To Change Router Time Zone


  • Then click on Apply.

By this, your time zone gets changed.

How to check Internet connection speed?

For this also you will be first required to log into Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Here click on Speed test mentioned under Smart Wi-Fi tools.


How To Check Linksys Smart WiFi Speed Test


At this moment just clicking on Begin test, the utility will measure the speed of your internet connection and notify you the same.


How To Check Linksys Smart WiFi Begin Speed Test


These were some of the configuration steps associated with your Linksys EA2750 N600 router. Hope these steps will help you out in setting up your Linksys Router.

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