linksys extender setup ac1200 max
linksys extender setup ac1200 max
In this article we will know how to troubleshot of Linksys Ac1200 Max extender.

How to Troubleshooting of Linksys Ac1200 Max Extender


Are you facing trouble while setting up Ac1200 Max RE6500 Linksys extender? If so then this article will be of most use for you. We had explained all reason which may make you unable to connect with your Ac1200 Max RE6500 Linksys extender. Hope your issue will get fixed through this article.


AC1200 Max RE6500 Linksys extender is characterised to work on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. This make it preferred choice among users. But there is some common issue which may hinder your installation process of Ac1200 Max RE6500 Linksys extender, which are as discussed below:


You become unable to establish connection between Linksys extender and network router.


  • While setting up Linksys extender you have to place Linksys extender and your network router as close as possible. It is preferred to put them in the same room. Once Linksys extender get setup you can place it wherever you want.

  • But if there is installed Linksys extender which is unable to connect with router then you are recommended to locate it to some other location because this may have been caused due to more penetration losses of network signal.

  • It is also recommended to not place network router and Linksys extender near to metal objects, masonry walls, and reflective surfaces like glass or mirrors.

  • You are also advised to not place your router and extender in proximity with electronic devices. This may lead to signal interference.

  • In case you are installing Linksys extender using WPS mode then you have to wait till WPS indicator turns amber and then have to try again to establish connection with the router.

    You become unable to access your range extender


    Firstly, do confirm you are connected to your home network. IN case you have one or more Wireless networks then there are chances that you may have unconsciously connected to another network. To access your Linksys range extender, you have to be connected with home network.


    If you are using computer having Windows Operating System, then various steps which have to be followed to resolve such problem are as given below:


  • You have to right click on Wireless icon placed on task bar of your desktop screen. This image of this icon vary from one version of windows to other.

  • Then select “View Available Wireless Networks” option from available options.

  • The screen will display all available Wireless networks. Do select your network here and click on “Connect” option.

  • Facing interruptions while accessing internet.

    Change the position of your extender to deal with this problem. This is caused because your device is receiving erratic signal from network router. Thus by placing extender in midway will boost up signal and your device will be able to receive strengthened signal from the router. It is required that at least 50% of network router’s signal should have to be received by the device to enjoy uninterrupted network access.


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