linksys smart wifi router login
linksys smart wifi router login
Linksys Smart Wifi Router login, Linksys Smart Wifi, Linksys Smart WiFi Login,How Login Linksys Smart Wifi

How to Linksys smart WiFi Router login


The user can just simply log in to their Linksys smart WiFi router login safe and secure and can also access their router when away from home too.


Linksys Smart Wifi Login


Linksys Smart WiFi is entirely a free service grouped with Linksys smart routers. With a free Linksys account, you can easily access your router settings anywhere and anytime.



The process of setting up Linksys smart WiFi login


The process of setting Linksys smart WiFi login is quite reliable, and for this, you have to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, open any web browser on a computer or any other device connected to your router.
  • Type in the address bar.
  • As you enter it, it will open up a login authentication page.
  • Enter the default credentials in the username and password fields.
  • The default username and password is admin.
  • Then press enter.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, it will take you to a BASIC home page.

So this is how Linksys Smart WiFi router login will be successful.


Linksys Smart WiFi Login setup


Efficiently setting up the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router is made extremely easy with the help of Smart Setup Wizard using a web browser. The Smart Setup Wizard is implanted in the firmware, and it is also available even if the router does not have an ultimate net connection or is in its factory default settings.

This portion will let you know about Linksys smart WiFi login setup using the Smart Setup Wizard.

Linksys smart WiFi login


QUICK TIP: The Smart Setup Wizard is supported and promoted by each and every Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers.


What are The Benefits of Linksys Smart WiFi Login Setup

  • You do not require a setup cd or any other additional software to set up your router.
  • You also have an option to directly obey the router’s web-based setup page while performing the setup procedure.

NOTE: The CD that is included in the packet does not contain any type of setup software. It just has a router’s documentation.

Requirements that you have to fulfil before setting up your router

The following requirements should be met available to vanish any sort of problems during the setup process:

Browser requirements that you should meet for the router setup as well as for Linksys Smart WiFi Router login access:

  1. Microsoft Edge
  2. Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  3. Latest version of Chrome™ and Firefox®
  4. Latest Adobe® Flash® Player

Materials required for setup – You should have the following items ready with you:

  1. Linksys Smart Router
  2. One or two internet or ethernet (RJ-45) cables
  3. A Wi-Fi computer system or a computer along with an ethernet port
Linksys smart WiFi Router login


Active internet connection – To verify, if you can get connected with the internet, connect a modem to the computer system with the help of an ethernet cable as depicted in the image given below Linksys Smart WiFi Router Login.

If you don’t have a modem, don’t need to worry! Because there are other alternatives available. You can connect the cable provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly to the ethernet port. If you have access to the internet, you can start the process by following these steps.

Begin the Smart Setup Wizard for Linksys Smart WiFi Login

Step 1:


If your router has come along with external antennas, then firstly connect the antennas to your router and then plug the router to a power socket. If your router is featured with a power switch, ensure that the power switch is ON. Wait for the power light indicator to turn solid.

Step 2:


Now, connect the ethernet cable to the Internet port of the router from your modem.

Step 3:


Next, connect to your secured Wi-Fi. You can find the Wi-Fi essentials either at the bottom of your home router or on the Quick Start Guide for Linksys Smart WiFi Login. Ensure that you have a good and strong signal from your router by bringing the computer system closer to it or by keeping the computer device in the same room as of the router to avoid the problems during the setup process.


NOTE: Skip Step 3 and proceed to Step 4, if you are using a wired computer.


Step 4:


Open your web browser and type "" in the Address bar and then press Enter key.


QUICK TIP: If you are not able to access the Linksys Smart WiFi Login Setup, then you can key in the default IP address of your router, and that is, or enter myrouter.local in the Address bar.


Step 5:


Now, tick the checkbox beside I have read and accepted the License Terms for using this software and then click on the Next button to continue.



  • If you want to manually set up your router and prefer to bypass the Smart Setup Wizard, click on the Manual configuration link at the bottom.
  • On some of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers, you will notice a checkbox I want to skip Setup and configure my router manually. Tick on this option and then click on Next.


  • If in case the Smart Setup screen does not pop up, then press the Reset button that is at the back of your router for at least 10 seconds, then turn OFF your home router and then again turn it ON. Wait for a few seconds for your router to boot up properly and then again start from Step 1 for Linksys Smart WiFi Login.
  • If, in any case, no internet connection is detected, then the Your Internet cable is not connected correctly window will pop up. Follow the troubleshooting instructions given on the screen to solve your connection problem and then click on Next.
  • For the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) users, the setup will ask for the Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet Account name along with Password. Type the necessary details and then click on Next to proceed.

Step 6:


Now, In the Updates for your router window, the Install future router updates automatically (recommended) is verified by defaults to permitting the automatic updates. You may uncheck it to command when to perform an Auto-Update. After you log into the router's web-based setup page, you may enable this option again. Click on Next to move.

Step 7:


Type in the Wi-Fi Name and Wi-Fi Password according to your choice in the space given, and then click Next for Linksys Smart WiFi Login. The 5 GHz Wi-Fi Name will be appended with the _5GHz suffix, unlike the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Name.


NOTE: If you want to work with a singular name for both the network bands, choose to Give all my Wi-Fi bands the same name.


Step 8:


Next, connect to the new and unique Wi-Fi name, then return to the setup and click on Next.

Step 9:


Next, type a home router password in the Create a router password field and click on Next.

QUICK TIP: If your home router shows an Add a password hint option for Linksys Smart WiFi Login, key in your preferred hint in the given field. This will surely access you in remembering the router passcode in the coming time.

Step 10:


If you encounter the, Your router is set up! the message, this indicates that your home router is now set up. The new Wi-Fi settings, along with the router admin password, will be displayed. Ensure to write down the new settings on the Quick Start Guide for the future. Click on Next to finish the entire setup process.

Step 11:


Lastly, you will be directed to the Create Your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account page.

So, it’s good news!! you have successfully set up the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router with the help of Smart Setup Wizard.

Linksys smart WiFi login default password


Linksys smart WiFi default password is "guest." You may also enter in your browser and look at what is there under the guest tab in the wireless portion. The default password of is "admin," You have to leave the username field as blank.


Why is the page not responding?

Linksys smart WiFi Router


There can be dozens of reasons; that is why one is not able to access the


To remove these:

  • Ensure all the physical connection; there can be an improper cable connection.
  • It can also because of an invalid or wrong IP address.
  • It can be because of the wrong user name and password.
  • It can be because of the defective router.
  • The router firmware needs to be updated on a time to time basis.
  • It can be because of firmware, as computer firmware might be blocking all the wireless connections.
  • It can be because of the network connection. There can be no or slow internet connection between your routers.

You can follow the below-mentioned troubleshoot steps to fix these issues.

Before moving towards troubleshooting steps, ensure:

To power cycle your Linksys Smart WiFi login Router by turning it OFF then ON. With the help of a different web browser or clearing your browser’s cache data and then restart it. This may also help you in resolving it.

Now also if you are facing any problem then look at these troubleshooting steps:

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers can automatically detect whether you have an active internet connection or you are having issues with connectivity.

If you do not have an active internet connection and that time if you are accessing Linksys smart WiFi, then it may give an error and messages on the web browser.


Internet connection is slow.


At Linksys Smart WiFi login page, you may find an error message that will prompt as an Internet connection is slow.

This occurs at the time when your router is not able to detect active internet connectivity from your Ethernet cable or DSL provider.

You can log in to the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi page by keying the Router Password. The default password of the router is admin.


NOTE: If you are the first time user, you are required to create a Linksys cloud account to increase the usage of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Tools.

To eliminate this error, be attentive that you are getting connectivity from your smart modem facilities.

Apart from this, you can also reset your home router to its factory default settings. For this, you need to simply press and hold the Reset button which is located at the back of Linksys Smart WiFi login Router for at least 10 seconds.


Router Not Found


This error message comes when you are logged in to your Linksys cloud account, but it is unable to detect your router.


The router is not set up.


This error message occurs if you continue to click on Retry after encountering the Router Not Found message. This may also appear after performing reset with your home router.

To eliminate this, you are required to set your Linksys smart WiFi as shown. ??Tick the box that commands, I understand that my network is currently open and not secure. I would like to use the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account to configure my router’s security settings.

Then click on Continue.


Account Suspended


The Account Suspended error page appears because of many failed login attempts to your account.

To solve this error, you may have to wait for at least 2 hours before trying again.


QUICK TIP: sometimes it happens that we are unable to recollect our account details than in that case perform a reset process on your router.

To reset your router, you are required to press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds. Linksys WiFi router settings again refresh to its factory settings once you have reset the device.


Unexpected Error 2123


If you encounter unexpected Error 2123, click on Ok. Proceed to reset and reconfigure the router.


NOTE: If you are asked to do an update for the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi, undoubtedly proceed with the update. There will also be a prompt to create a Linksys cloud account, do not skip this and create it.


Error 2112


Error 2112 is a Linksys cloud access error that is a consequence of making a change in the configuration that is not adjustable with the device, or not compatible with the functionality of the firmware.

One example is if a user tries to push an invalid MAC address into the MAC Filtering settings, depending on which your home router they have, they may see error 2112. To solve this problem, a reset of the device is mandatory.

To reset you are required to press the reset button for at least 10 seconds.


Error 2118


This error ( Error 2118 ) occurs when there is an IPv6 related error on your wireless network.

To resolve this error, access your Linksys cloud account and go to Router Settings > Connectivity > Internet Settings > IPv6 and disable IPv6.

If then too it does not resolve the error then factory reset for the device is mandatory. After resetting You are required to upgrade the firmware of your router.

When the firmware has been successfully updated, do another reset with the same process, then move on reconfiguring your router.


Error 2178


This ( Error 2178 ) occurs when there are several devices in the network that have the same name or IP address.

To solve this, turn the devices OFF, then turn each of them back ON one by one. By this, you have to follow the on / off policy.

If you're still facing the same problem, turn your devices OFF again then after turning off access your Linksys cloud account.

The Network Map Tool permits you to rename the devices. Ensure that you are not using the same name for two or more devices.


QUICK TIP: Device List Tool is showed in the form of a Network Map Tool in a few of the Smart Wi-Fi home Routers.


Error 2197


This error 2197 occurs when a conflict is created while trying to configure the IP address of your router but within the same range of your main router's IP address.

If the DHCP Server is disabled, you can solve this issue by re-enabling it and afterwards modifying the Start IP address.

After applying to the changes, un-check the box to disable the DHCP server.

Linksys Smart Wifi Router Login


Linksys Smart Wifi is one of the best router available in the market. It is best to have if you want to use Wifi in your home or office. If you have already purchased Linksys Smart Wifi and not sure about the steps to configure linksys smart wifi login page then don't worry. We'll help you with the simple steps that you can use to configure linksys smart wifi router login page.


You can use the default options provided i.e. throug Linksys Smart WIFI account by using either the assigned default IP Address i.e. if you want to access the extender from your home else you can also use the Cloud option by accessing the link from your browser.We'll elaborete the steps and if you still face any issue then feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you to configure Linksys smart wifi router login page


How to access Linksys Smart Wifi Router Login Page


Smart WiFi Router Login


Linksys smart WiFi account page can be accessed by using pre-configured names.All these names are already registered with Linksys routers. Make sure your WiFi is connected to your Computer and powered on.


Open Web Brower and use any of the below mentioned names of IP addresses to access the login page and configure Linksys Router.

linksyssmartwifi linksys setup linksys log in setup

linksys smart wifi router setup


Let's take an example to make it easy for you.


1.  Open Web Browser and use any of the name of IPs that are mentioned above e.g. type if you are accessing from your Home and type to access the router log in page from Internet.


2.   Default Username is admin and default password id admin to setup the linkys router.


3.   Please ensure that you change the detault login details as keeping the same credentials is vulnerable for your environment. Changing the credentials and keeping strong password is always recommended to protect your environment from hacking.


4.  Read and accept the License agreement and then click on next to continue.


5.  If you want to configure the Linksys router manually then select an option "I ant to skip setup and configure my router manually".


6.  Make sure your router is switched on and connected to Network.


7.  Enter DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) details and follow the wizard by clicking on next.


8.  If you face any issue while configuring the Linksys Smart Wifi Router then feel free to contact us.


Once the router is configured successfully then you can the internet Speed test to verify and confirm that you are getting maximum speed. In case of any deviations contact you DSL provide if speed is slow.


You can also use the Parental Control to restrict some of the Website which are not ethical for your family or Childrens.


Besides that you can also the option to restrict the total number of Devices that you want to connected to your Linksys Wifi Extender Router. You can also restrtict the connection on the basis of their MAC address. It would only allow those Computers, Mobiles, Devices, etc to connect to internet that you would allow and not others. It is used to enhanced the security even if you compromise your WiFi password.


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