linksys smart wifi router password
linksys smart wifi router password
One thing should be remembered that once you retrieve your Linksys Smart wifi router password do write and remember the settings for future use.



It is a free service that comes up with Linksys smart Wi-Fi routers which gives you secure access to your home network from a browser or a mobile device. You can check the connection status, provide someone a guest access to your network or protect your child from accessing harmful websites while surfing the internet. This can all be done by taping on your home network icon of the smart Wi-Fi from your mobile or laptop’s browser. Limitation of bandwidth to ensure less time-lag or buffering in using your specific device’s network from home network.


How is it different from connection software?


The connection software can be installed in the computer of your home network only and all the settings are accessible through that computer only whereas with smart Wi-Fi feature you will be able to access your home network through any other device (other laptop, computer or smartphones) apart from your regular computer in which connection software is installed and put on use. It is like one step ahead of the regular networking aspect.


Linksys cloud storage: a secure access


So you guys might be thinking about how can we access from other device as majorly all routers run on admin password. Well for that you have to first create your personal account. Although everything is kept confidential by Linksys while making up the personal account. It useful for accessing your home network when you are outside, providing guest access to others without their interference in your personal devices and printers.


The password theory of Linksys smart WiFi router password


Today’s generation is much more concerned about passwords, keys rather than devices. Its bitter but true. Although all routers of Linksys have default password “admin” but it is may subjected to change if you change any settings within the defaults in your router. You need your default password to access the web- based setup for changing the settings, verification or updating the firmware. Linksys smart Wi-Fi router needs the default password to ensure your personalization access to the device.


But what to do if you have forgotten your Linksys smart wifi router password


Yeah sometimes this type of mishaps can happen and you are not able to access anything. In fact you may feel like crippled! So the following are some steps to take when you come across these type pf nightmares in your life.


a. Check with the help of Linksys cloud or connect
  If you are using connect to check your password then go to router settings then advance settings if you have connect 1.4 installed or your device is upgraded to that. Then you will be able to retrieve password.
  b.   Check for Linksys notepad file 
Check your desktop for a notepad file that has been created by connect 1.4. That may also contain Wi-Fi and router’s password.
  c. Reset the Linksys Smart WiFi router  when none of the options are not working then you have to reset the router to factory data settings and delete all the default customised settings. And reset it according to instructions given inside the instruction manual. However, you can reset your default settings through your Linksys cloud account too.
  One thing should be remembered that once you retrieve your password do write and remember the settings for future use. Related Article
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