linksys wrt54gl setup
linksys wrt54gl setup
In this article we will learn about linksys wrt54gl setup process. It is the router which supports an easy setup and setting it you can erase dead zones from your house.

Top 5 benefits and features of linksys wrt54gl setup

Let us know about the top 5 features and benefits of linksys wrt54gl setup and for the same, Continue your reading.

  1. This wireless router can easily deliver the data over the 2.4GHz frequency band.
  2. We can also avail the benefits of modem standards, as well as expansion in the 5GHz band.
  3. It has a great support of open source firmware go unlock more advanced capabilities.
  4. This linksys router is easy to use and setup.
  5. It has a great wireless coverage and it can expands to hard to reach areas of the areas where one experience poor connection.

How to login to the linksys wrt54gl

If you want to learn about linksys wrt54gl login then it is very simple. You just need to follow the steps given below.

Steps are:

Login to the linksys wrt54gl wi-fi wireless-g broadband router

The linksys wrt54gl supports a web interface for configuration. You can use any browser of your choice to login to the linksys wrt54gl.

Type in the linksys Internal IP Address

Enter the IP Address of the linksys in the Address field of the browser.

Then you will need to press the Enter key present on your keyboard. You will now see a dialog box pop up that is asking for your linksys wrt54gl username along with password.

Know your linksys wrt54gl default password

You should know your username along with password to login to your linksys. The linksys wrt54gl default password and username are listed below.

Linksys WRT54GL Usernames-------- "Blank"

Linksys WRT54GL Passwords--------"Admin"

Key in your username along with linksys wrt54gl default password in the dialog box that appears on the screen. It looks like the image shown below:

The linksys connect Home Screen

You will now see the linksys router Home Screen.

If this screen appears, then many congratulations, you are now successfully logged in to your linksys router.

If you face any problem in linksys wrt54gl setup then feel free to contact the professional experts and you can also give s look at linksys wrt54gl manual because it can give a satisfactory answer to all your questions.

And if then too your query is not resolved then you can visit to the official website of linksys wrt54gl setup as we don’t provide any technical help through our articles.

Brief about linksys wrt54gl setup

The process for linksys wrt54gl setup is extremely easy, you just need to follow some steps and you can mark the linksys router setup easily.

Hardware Setup of linksys wrt54gl

Step 1: Perform the linksys connect to modem

Firstly, plug your Ethernet cable from your cable or into the Internet port on your linksys router.

Step 2: Connect your computer system

Now, connect one or more computer system to the Ethernet ports on your linksys router, labeled 1 through 4. The order does not matter much, all the four ports work identically.

Step 3: Properly connect the Power

To continue with linksys wrt54gl setup, plug in your router's power adapter and then wait for few minutes till your system starts. So now, you have proper Internet connectivity on your computer device.

Wi-Fi Setup of linksys wrt54gl

Step 1: Log In to your linksys wrt54gl wi-fi wireless-g broadband router

Firstly, visit to the address in any browser on a computer device that is connected to your linksys wrt54gl.

Log in to the linksys wr54gl set up with the linksys wr54gl default password admin, and leave the user name blank.

If it doesn't work then type admin in both the fields, user name and password fields.

Step 2: Open router settings

Now to move forward with linksys router setup, open the Wireless tab in your linksys router's setup interface.

Step 3: Name the Network

Now, choose a network name for the wireless network.

Everyone, who is in the range of your linksys can easily see the name, so please try to avoid including any personal information.

Leave the rest of the options given on the defaults. Tap on Save Settings and then tap on Continue.

Step 4: Set Up Security

This is the last step for your linksys wr54gl set up, for this, open the Wireless Security tab and then set the security mode for your linksys wr54gl wi-fi wireless-g broadband router to WPA2 Personal.

Enter the password of minimum eight characters in the Passphrase field and tap on Save Settings.

So now, your wireless network is all set for use.

This is how you can perform linksys wrt54gl setup and easily remove dead zones from your end.

Most of you must have a question that what is the linksys wr54gl default password as well as username?

So here is the answer:

The default password of linksys wrt54gl wi-fi wireless-g broadband router is admin, and most importantly it should be case sensitive, that means it should be written without any capital letters.

This linksys does not have any default username, so simply, leave that username field blank.

How to perform linksys wrt54gl reset

So, linksys wr54gl reset is very simple, you are just required to follow some steps.

Let’s start:

  1. Firstly turn on your linksys router so that you can easily see the back where the antennas, as well as the cables are plugged in.
  2. Ensure that the power cable is correctly plugged in.
  3. Then, press and hold the Reset button for at least 5 seconds.
  4. Now, release the Reset button and then wait for at least 30 seconds for your router to reset.
  5. Then, unplug the power cable for few seconds and then plug it back again.
  6. Wait for around 30 to 60 seconds for your linksys wrt54gl to fully boot up.
  7. Now, access the router through a browser at the IP address that is Since your password has been reset so type admin to log in.

So this is how, you can easily perform linksys wrt54gl reset.

Linksys wrt54gl firmware

One must have a updated linksys wrt54gl firmware to perform a error free linksys wrt54gl setup. And one can download the firmware for the same from the official website of linksys.

Replace the firmware with linksys wrt54gl dd wrt

Leave your linksys router's installation CD in the box, you will not need it.

So, let’s start:

  1. Firstly, try and connect your computer to the LAN of your hotspot router. Ensure that your computer system obtains internal IP addresses automatically from your existing linksys connect via DHCP.
  2. Now, launch a browser and then enter
  3. Next, move to Administration > Firmware upgrade.
  4. Now to move forward with linksys wrt54gl firmware replacement, browse to the MINI firmware which you have downloaded previously.
    Then press the UPGRADE. (In case you are upgrading the original linksys wrt54gl firmware then you MUST upgrade the mini version of linksys wrt54gl dd wrt first).
    Make sure that the UPGRADE MUST NOT BE INTERRUPTED so please avoid turning off the power or pressing the reset button in between.
    After around 3-4 minutes "Upgrade successful" will appear. Please wait for this message to come. Do not move further until you can notice this message.
  5. Once your linksys wrt54gl firmware then s upgraded successfully, reset your linksys connect by pressing the reset button.
  6. Wait for at least 30 seconds and then try to launch . If you are not able to connect, then reboot your computer system and then try again.
    You will have to change the router settings and set a new username and password for your linksys admin interface.
  7. To Continue with the linksys wrt54gl dd wrt, repeat step 4 and upgrade your linksys firmware again. After 3-4 minutes "Upgrade successful" will appear.
  8. Please wait for this message to appear, it is very important. Avoid moving further before you can see this message.

    Now, the upgradation of linksys wrt54gl firmware is complete.

    Linksys wrt54gl review

    With a 4.4 star rating, this device has some pros and cons, consider these before making purchasing decisions.

    Let’s give a look to at linksys wrt54gl review:

    Pros –

    1. It is a reliable product
    2. Great router for using linksys wrt54gl dd wrt firmware
    3. Great wireless coverage
    4. Easy to manage router settings
    5. Great durability

    Cons –

    1. The linksys wrt54gl set up is quite difficult
    2. This router most probably required a CD for setup
    3. It only supports B and G networking

    You can take an informative tour to linksys wrt54gl manual and search for the effective and best-detailed solution to all your irritating internet and linksys wrt54gl setup related problems.

    If then too, your problem is not resolved then you can directly contact to the official website of linksys wrt54gl as we don’t provide any technical help through this article.

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