Troubleshooting & Support – Linksys Router & Extender

Some of the most common problems with your router and extender
Due these problems, your router will fail to connect to the internet. First, try disconnecting and reconnecting your internet, or turning the wireless on your computer off and on. If still not working then restart your computer.
Now, turn off or unplug your modern, wait for 10 second and again turn on or plug it back.

Tips for Troubleshooting of Linksys Wireless Route

1. You Computer and the router must be powered on and the router’s green power should be on
2. Check all physical connections between the Wireless Router and other equipment.
3. Verify that the Link light for each of your hardware connections is on (green).
4. Make sure that the Wireless Router shares the same Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Service Set Identifier (SSID) settings as the other devices on the network. To check these settings:
5. In web browser type into address bar then press “Enter”. Then you will get user name and password option, just leave the user name field blank and type admin in the password filed and enter it, the router setup page will be appear.
     Note: If you changed the user name and password while setting up your router securities, you must enter the new user name and password.
6. Verify that the WEP setting matches that of all other wireless devices on the network
7. Verify that the SSID setting matches that of all other devices on the network.
8. Make sure that network cabling is away from power outlets, florescent lighting fixtures, UNINTERRUPTIBLE power supplies, and other sources of strong electromagnetic interference.
If all else fails, you can reset the router to the factory default settings.
Put a pen or something small enough to go through the hole labeled Reset on the front of the router. Hold down the reset button for 3 seconds or until the red Diag light comes on.Restart your computer.
For more information, refer to the User Guide on the Linksys Setup Utility CD.
If you still get any problem while setup your Linksys Wireless Range Extender then You sholud contact to Linksys offical website. Because we don't provide any technical support through any mode.



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